Registered office of the Institution is situated in Milan, in Fabio Filzi ( XI floor) street number 27.


Headquarters, Managment and Administration

The Headquarters, Managment and Administration is in Rivolta d’Adda. Here, they control and coordinate all the activities of the Institute.

The sector of Reproduction and Selection

2500 m² of labs is dedicated to the reproduction through the labs of Seminology, Embryology, Cytometry, Cytogenetics and Molecular genetics. All the research and services for reproduction purposes, mostly regarding species of zootechnical interest take place here.


The plant of 1200 m² is dedicated to the applied research using new aquacultural techniques on both fresh and marine waters fish to apply in selection schemes.


The Proteomics lab, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Milan

The Proteomics lab is dedicated to the systematic analysis of proteins in various tissues and body fluids, mainly in milk, meat, plasma and even in vital organs, e.g. liver, kidney and heart.