Bongioni Graziella was born in Brescia on the 31st of March 1969. Graduating from the Scientific college, she applied for the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Milan and got her degree in 1993 with a vote of 110/110.

From November 1993 until January 1996 she got a scholarship from the Institute Spallanzani, to study in the endocrinology lab of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Padova thus gaining experience in the radio-immunoassay and ELISA techniques in the veterinary field.

Since 1996 at the labs of Rivolta d’Adda in the context of the official semen control (DDMM172/94 e 27.12.94) she was involved in launching the test to control the Identity correctness that became operational in 1997. She took part in various research programs related to the molecular genetics applied to the genes of zootechnical interest and to the development of the systems and platforms for the chain traceability and the assignment of family bonds. She was responsible both for the preparation and operative part of the research projects. She attended courses, conferences and seminars that kept her up-to-date on the most recent applied techniques of the molecular field and of interest to the zootechnical field.

From February 2006 until February 2007 she was involved in the launching of the IDRA-LAB in the Parco Tecnologico Padano and was responsible for the genetic research related to the resistance to diseases in the zootechnical field. Since 2007 she is in charge of the Molecular Genetics lab of the Italian Experimental Institute Lazzaro Spallanzani.

She has published over 70 scientific works in journals and in national and international Conference proceedings and she participated to over 30 national and international conferences.

The main publications

  • Pozzi A, Previtali C, Cenadelli S, Gandini L, Galli A, Bongioni G. Genetic traceability of cattle using an OpenArray genotyping platform. Anim Genet. 2015 Oct.

  • Amadesi A; Frana A; Gandini LM; Bornaghi V; ParatiK; Bongioni G; Puglisi R; Galli A . Comparison between primary sex ratio in spermatozoa of bulls and secondary sex ratio in the deriving offspring. Theriogenology 83, 199-205, 2015.

  • Feligini M, Bongioni G, Brambati E, Amadesi A, Cambuli C, Panelli S, Bonacina C, Galli A : Real-Time qPCR is a powerful assay to estimate the 171 R/Q alleles at the PrP locus directly in a flock’s raw milk: a comparison with the targeted next-generation sequencing..Journal of virological methods. 07/2014.

  • Pozzi, C. Previtali, A. Lukaj, A. Galli, Bongioni, R. Puglisi: High-resolution melt analysis does not reveal mutagenic risk in sexed sperm and in vitro-derived bovine embryos. Animal Genetics . 2014 vol 45 ,4, 473-478;.

  • Roberto Puglisi, Anna Pozzi, Roberta Vanni, Donatella Balduzzi, Irina Lagutina, Silvia Colleoni, Giovanna Lazzari, Cesare Galli, Graziella Bongioni, Andrea Galli: Assessment of telomere length during post-natal period in offspring produced by a bull and its fibroblast derived clone. Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction. 01/2014; 3(1):1-7.