Implementation of knowledge and innovation on Jatropha curcas utilization in West African countries

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G. Enne-M. Serrantoni
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The overall objective of the action is to transfer, implement and disseminate knowledge on Jatropha curcas utilisation to rural communities of marginal areas in Burkina Faso, Senegal and Niger in order to strengthen their capacity building, to improve their livelihood conditions and to mitigate desertification effects through a participatory approach. The overall objective and purpose of the action will be achieved by implementing a three-year project on providing rural communities of Sahelian Countries with access to sustainable, affordable and more efficient opportunities, while reducing desertification effects and improving their livelihoods. Based on previous technical and social actions on land restoration, reforestation and rural development carried out in North and West Africa, the proposal aims to transfer the developed know how to rural communities by training and demonstrative action implementation. Training activities will focus on Jatropha nursery and planting management, including possible production, use, commercialization of its primary and secondary products, followed by specific demonstrative interventions on the field including nursery installation and production, pre-plantation and plantation activities of Jatropha curcas. The proposal is especially addressed to strengthen the opportunities for women and marginal groups in the local rural economy as well as promote their social role. The area of intervention is characterised by low access to energy sources, rapid desertification and land degradation processes caused by over-exploitation of wood resources, rural poverty and land abandonment. In this context, the improvement of the agricultural production system and a more sustainable land management are considered fundamental steps to reduce the effects of these phenomena and meet local population needs. Rural integrated development measures, that will improve livelihood security, are essential to ensure locally-driven sustainable development. The local communities and local authorities have requested the proposed intervention, and their direct involvement will be integral to the success of the project. The project proposal is based on successful similar actions in the field previously carried out by the project partners. Moreover other similar experiences realised both in North African Countries (Morocco and Tunisia) and in the neighbouring West African Countries (Ghana, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire) and Tanzania, have been taken into account and localised to Sahelian’s environmental and socio-economic context. Moreover the project objectives are particularly relevant to the Strategic Planning and Policy Division of the Energy Commission, and the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) priorities.
- Comune Urbaine de Dori- Burkina Faso - ADRN/SB- Association pour le Développement de la Région Nord/Sahel Burkinabé – Burkina Faso - Comune Urbaine de Terà - Niger - “7a” Maa-rewee ONG - Senegal