Since its foundation the Spallanzani Institute has planned and provided advanced courses in the area of veterinary, agrizootechnical studies and applied biology. This training service was certified in 2010 according to UNI EN ISO norms 9001:2015, Certificato N° SC 17-4292.

The institute is also in the regional register of subjects qualified for offering Services of Instruction and Professional Training, in accordance with the D.G.R. n. 2412/2011, with registration number 881 (01/07/2015.).

The training targets technicians within the field, breeders, veterinaries, teachers, lab technicians, students, etc. (Italians and Foreigners). It is designed and organised in such a way that it:

  • offers specialized course packages;

  • responds to specific needs of the market;

  • plans and inspects laboratories in situ where the client works and submits his employees to a customized training.

In what follows we sum up some of the courses and seminars that are periodically organised in the centre of Rivolta D’Adda (but these can also be held in the offices of the clients)

“Analytical techniques and bovine semen preparation methods”
“Reproductive efficiency, quality and freezing ability of stallion semen”
“Reproductive efficiency in swine: welfare, fertility, semen”
“The physiology of bovine reproduction”
“Statistical control of the production in a semen production centre”
“The production and quality controls of frozen semen”
“The management of the bulls in semen production”
“New analytical technologies for the semen quality control”
“The sexing of bulls’ semen in production”
“Training of the technicians which analyse and treat the semen material”
“Training of the technicians in the correct management of the control of the production by drawing out written procedures”
“The new EU framework program for research 2014-2020”
“Horizon 2020 – Social Challenge 2: food safety, sustainable agriculture, research on the marine, maritime and inland waters and bioeconomy”
“Research and Experiments applied to the grana padano chain to evaluate the quality of Grana Padano”

The training sessions can be held in agreement with other subjects/partners active in this study area.